Wix Blog: Stretching Your Blog Feed to Full Width

1 min read
Make your site more responsive by stretching your blog feed across the width of the screen! You can choose to stretch your main blog feed, post list, blog post page, and post list. Site visitors who view your site on a smaller browser still see the post full width. 

To stretch your blog feed to full width:

1.  Click your blog feed in your Editor. 
2.  Click the Stretch icon
3.  Click the Stretch to full width toggle to enable it. 
4.  Drag the Margins slider to change the margins, or enter a pixel number.
     Note: The margin limit is 80 pixels.
Using a Post List?
You can stretch your Post List to full width as well. Select the Post List in the Editor and follow the steps 2-4 above. 

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