Email Marketing: Previewing and Testing Your Email Campaign Before Sending it

Before sending your email campaign, preview it to make sure it looks how you want it to on both desktop and mobile. After previewing, you can send yourself a test email to see how the campaign will look and function in a real inbox. 
Previewing your email campaign does not reduce your campaign quota. 

To preview your email campaign:

  1. Open a new email campaign or edit an existing email campaign.
  2. Click Preview & Test on the top right to preview how your email campaign is going to look live: 
    • Click the Mobile icon to see how your email campaign looks on mobile devices.
    • Click the Desktop icon to see how your email campaign looks like using a computer. 
    • Click Back to Editing to return to the email campaign Editor.
You can also send a free test email while previewing your email campaign. 

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