Introducing Editor X

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Editor X is transitioning to Wix Studio, our new platform for agencies and freelancers.Learn more about Wix Studio
In February 2020, we announced the launch of our fully responsive website creation platform; Editor X. 

Advanced Design Features in Editor X

Editor X is made especially for designers and agencies. It offers advanced design and layout capabilities that allow you to create complex website designs for any device, all without using code, for example:
  • Grid layouting is an advanced two-dimensional layouting system based on CSS grid
  • Docking anchors elements to a specific position as the viewport changes
  • Stack & scale media for seamless responsive behavior
  • Text scale to create scalable font sizes
  • Flex layouter is a smart layouting system relying on flexbox technology for automatic reorganization of content while resizing
  • Custom breakpoints to tailor designs to any viewport, not just classic devices
  • Flexible canvas with resizing handles to instantly see and customize your design across viewports
  • Advanced sizing control defines your element as fixed or fluid, using wide support for modern CSS units
  • Wix design system featuring sections with built-in responsive behavior matched to the color palette of your site

Creating a Site With Editor X

Editor X is available in English for everyone to explore. You can create an Editor X site for free, or upgrade to one of our Premium Plans for all the business and website features you need. To get started, click here
Create your website from scratch or get some inspiration first from our selection of design expressions. Use these templates to explore the possibilities Editor X has to offer as they all include responsive design features like grid, stack, overflow and more. 
Learn more about Editor X:
Head over to Academy X to learn all about our main features. Then, test your knowledge using the exercise in each lesson.

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