Google Analytics Displaying Incorrect Source/Landing Page URLs

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This appears to be the result of an affiliate scheme (referral spam). The intention is for you, as the Google Analytics account owner, to attempt to verify the legitimacy of the hit and therefore click the link, leading to their site.
This scheme is in no way related to Wix. The Google Analytics events are randomly generated, and by chance are associated with your Google Analytics account.
Google Analytics does have specific filters to remove these types of results, which you can use, if you choose to. Wix cannot provide support for setting up filters as this is a Google product. You can learn more on Google's Support page. However, if you do wish to add filters, we recommending adding the filters on a new View. For more information, click here.
  • This technique does not damage your site in any way, including your site's ranking in Google. The only effect that you might notice is some inaccuracies in your Google Analytics results.
  • By using this service, you are engaging directly with a third-party service provider. We recommend reviewing the service provider's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use prior to your use of such third-party service. You acknowledge that we are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from your use of such third-party service, including any liability arising from any personal data exchanged between you and such third-party.

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