Email Marketing: Undelivered Test Email Campaign

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You can easily send a test email campaign without reducing your campaign quota. If you don't receive your test email campaign, check your email's spam or junk folder to verify that it wasn't filtered.
When sending a test email campaign, or sending to one contact only, the email campaign is sent from even if you are using a Reply-to email address on your own domain.

Common Reasons why a test email campaign is not delivered:

  • Spam Filters: The email service provider receiving your email campaign decides whether or not to mark it as spam. Once an email newsletter is accepted by an email server, we are not able to gather any additional information as to what happens to the email from that point forward. Most email service providers, such as Google and Yahoo have systems in place which automatically scan incoming mail. 
  • Delivery Time: Non compliance with Wix Email Marketing best practices leads at a minimum to a delay in the delivery of your newsletter. In addition, sending to a large number of recipients increases the time it takes for all recipients to receive your newsletter email. 
  • Small Batch Delivery: Webmail providers that deliver in small batches include Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail. If your sender's email account is hosted at one of these providers, it may take up to 24 hours for your email campaign to be delivered to all recipients. 
  • DMARC: Several free email service providers like Yahoo and AOL have updated their DMARC policies in an effort to reduce email abuse issues. If you send an email campaign with a Yahoo (including Ymail and RocketMail) or AOL sender's email address, the receiving email provider may reject the newsletter.

If you're getting a specific error message when trying to send a test email, contact us with the following info: 
  • A screenshot of the error message
  • The 'Reply-to Email' address used
  • The recipient email address

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