Email Marketing: About Active and Inactive Contacts

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When sending email campaigns, it is important to keep in mind who your active contacts are. We recommend sending email campaigns to your active contacts only. 
Sending email campaigns to inactive contacts can increase your bounce rate, cause your emails to be marked as spam, and lower your reputation as a sender. This can increase the chances of your emails arriving to your contacts' promotions folder, rather than their inbox. In some cases, your newsletters may be blocked from subscriber inboxes entirely. 

Who is an active contact?

An active contact is someone who engages positively, and shows genuine interest in your newsletters. For example, they might open your newsletters regularly and click inside. 

Who is an inactive contact?

Inactive users are contacts who do not regularly engage with your newsletters. They may have left your newsletters unopened, unsubscribed, or marked them as spam. 
Wix measures your contacts' behavior over time to discern who is an active contact and who is inactive. A contact turns inactive when a week passes after they have received at least 5 email marketing campaigns or automated emails and have not opened or clicked any of them.
Before sending out an email campaign, Wix automatically selects your active contacts. You can still choose to send email campaigns to your inactive contacts, however, we strongly advise against this. 
Any inactive contacts automatically become active again once they open an email campaign or an email from an automation they've triggered.

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