Editor X: Useful Resources

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Editor X is an advanced editing tool that lets to create and discover new designs every day. If you're currently building an Editor X site, check out the resources in this article to learn and get support from pro designers. 

Learn About Editor X

New to Editor X? These resources can help you build your knowledge in a pace and platform that suits your needs:
  • A guided tour introducing the Editor X workspace.
  • Academy X where you can take short lessons and practice your knowledge with short exercises. See what's new and learn how to streamline your editing process.
  • Editor X YouTube channel where you can watch webinars, classes and video tutorials made by graphic designers.
  • Editor X help center where you can get instructions and explanations for using the Editor.

Connect With the Community

Editor X offers two community channels that can give you all the support you need in the website creation process:
  • Community Forum where you can get updates on new features, find out what other users are doing and get help from the community whenever needed.
  • Community X on Facebook where you can connect with both novice and advanced web designers, get advice and share your own learnings. 

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