Creating Tasks Instantly with Wix Automations

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With Wix Automations, you can create tasks in response to a trigger, such as a form submitted on your site. You can choose to assign tasks to yourself or a member of your team, and set a due date for completion. 

To create a task with Wix Automations:

  1. Go to Automations in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + New Automation in the top right corner.
  3. Click + Start from Scratch or choose a suggested automation.
  4. Click the title to give your automation a name.
  5. Select a trigger for your automation.
  6. Select Create a task as your automation's action.
A screenshot of selecting the
  1. Enter your task in the Add a task for you or your team field.
  2. (Optional) Assign the task to you or someone on your team using the drop-down menu.
  3. Click the Set a due date toggle to choose whether to set a due date:
    • Enabled: Select a value in the Number of days to complete task field.
    • Disabled: Your task will not have a due date.
  4. Click the Timing section to expand it.
  5. Click the Choose a time to send this action drop-down to select when the action should be carried out:
    • Immediately: The action is performed as soon as the trigger occurs.
    • Set custom time: The action is performed after the trigger, at a time set by you. Click the up and down arrows to set the number and click the drop-down to choose between days, hours and minutes.
  6. Click the Limit frequency to drop-down to set trigger frequency:
    • Don't limit (trigger every time): Your action will take place every time it is triggered by a visitor.
    • Once per contact: Your action will take place only once per contact.
    • Once per contact every 24hrs: Your action will take place only once per contact in any 24hr period.
  7. Click Activate.

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