ADI: Setting Up Notifications for Form Submissions

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Choose how you want to be notified when someone submits a form on your site (e.g. contact forms, feedback forms and price quotes). As the site owner, you are automatically notified by email but you can also get notified on the Wix Owner app and Wix Inbox.
If you have a team working with you on your site, you can also choose which site collaborators should be notified when a form is submitted.
Before you begin:
Site collaborators need Wix Inbox permissions before they can get notified about form submissions. Go to Roles & Permissions in your dashboard and add Wix Inbox permissions to the relevant collaborator(s).

To set up notifications for form submissions:

  1. Click the relevant form in ADI.
  2. Click Edit next to Form on the left.
A screenshot of selecting Edit next to FORM.
  1. Click Form Settings at the bottom.
  2. Click Set Notifications under Email Notifications.
  3. Choose how you want to be notified. The Inbox, email & mobile app option is recommended as all conversations from the form submission are saved in Wix Inbox for all collaborators to see and respond to:
A screenshot showing the Notification Settings.

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