ADI: Displaying Store Categories on Separate Subpages

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When you add Wix Stores to your site, a new "Shop" page is automatically added with a Wix Stores product gallery. You can create additional sub-pages as part of the main Shop page, to display specific categories. 
These sub-pages appear as a drop-down menu when your visitors hover over the "Shop" menu item.
Before you begin:
Make sure to create a product category in Wix Stores. 

Step 1 | Create a subpage

First, create the subpages you want to display your individual categories on.

To create sub-pages:

  1. Hover over Add on the top bar of ADI.
  2. Click Page
  3. Click Blank.
  4. Click the Page drop-down menu on the top bar.
  5. Click Edit Menu below Manage Pages.
  1. Hover over the page you added and click the Show More icon.
  2. Click Rename Item to name your page the same as the relevant category.
  3. Click Set as Subitem.
Learn more about sub-pages and drop-down menus here.

Next, add a product gallery or slider to each of your sub-pages in order to display your categories.

Add a product gallery or slider to your sub-page:

  1. Click Add on the top bar of ADI.
  2. Click Section to Page.
  3. Click See all under the list of page sections.
  4. Click Product Slider or Product Gallery.
  5. Click the product gallery layout you want to use.
  6. Click the product gallery on your site and customize the options in the left panel: 
    • Full Width: Click the toggle to enable or disable this option:
      • Enabled: The product gallery is stretched to the full width of the page.
      • Disabled: The product gallery is not stretched to full width.
    • Category to Display: Select which category you want to display or click the Add button + to create a new one.
    • Image Ratio: Click the drop-down menu and select a ratio for your images.
    • Image Scaling: Click the drop-down menu and choose how your images are scaled:
      • Crop Image: Cuts the images to fit the image space in the gallery.
      • Scale to Fit: Fits the images in the image space in the gallery. 

Step 3 | Display your category

Lastly, choose the category you want to display on each sub-page.

To display a category:

  1. Go to your sub-page in ADI.
  2. Click the product gallery / slider section.
  3. In the Settings panel, select the category you want to display.

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