Accessibility: Page Structure Update

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This feature is not open to all users yet.
Here at Wix, we are constantly working on making sure that all websites built using our platform are accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities. As part of this effort, we have made an important update to correct the structure of Wix websites. 

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About the Update

The update has corrected the page structure of your site for accessibility purposes. As a result of this update, we no longer support elements that overflow the footer, into the container above it (see example below). This means that if your website had an overflowing element like this, the design might have been affected once your site was updated.

Before the update:

Elements could overflow from the footer into the main container above it.

After the update:

Elements cannot overflow from the footer into the main container above it.
The update has also removed the "arrange" option from the footer's right-click menu, so you can no longer move the footer forward and backward.

Resolving Issues

If something has changed in the design of the footer on your site, please make sure that all the elements in the footer are properly attached to it, and that they are fully contained inside the footer, without overflowing into the container above it. By placing them correctly, they will become visible.
If you are having any problems with your footer and the elements inside it, contact Customer Care and we will be happy to help you fix the issue.
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