Email Marketing: About the URLs of Your Published Campaigns

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Every email campaign you publish has a URL you can share on social media and other channels. The URL format differs according to your email marketing plan and whether you've connected a domain.

Campaign URLs for each email marketing plan

Depending on your email marketing plan, your campaign URL will be in the following format:
  • Free and Essentials plans:<email-campaign-code>
  • Core and Advanced plans (without a connected domain): https://<your-username><email-campaign-code>
  • Core and Advanced plans (with a connected domain): https://<>/so/<email-campaign-code>
If you upgrade email marketing to either the Core or Advanced plans, email campaigns are automatically sent from your domain name (if you have one). This gives your campaigns a more professional feel and improves your sender reputation.
If you disconnect your domain from Wix, email campaign URLs under that domain will no longer work. 

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