Email Marketing: About Campaigns Sent from Wix Email Addresses

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Email marketing campaigns sent from a public email address such as @gmail, @yahoo, or @outlook have a low delivery rate. To make sure more of your contacts receive your emails, they're sent from an authenticated address owned by Wix. If and when your contacts reply to your email, you'll receive their reply at your reply-to email address. 
You may also see your campaigns as sent from a Wix email address if your domain is connected to Wix via pointing
To send emails and receive replies from your own professional email address, you need to have a personalized mailbox that’s connected to your custom domain.
It is also recommended to authenticate your custom domain to prevent emails from getting marked as spam.
Currently, Wix doesn't support DMARC policy. If you add DMARC records to the domain, your email campaigns are sent through our system domain

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