Wix Video: About Your Video Hours

Video Hours vs. Site Storage

Your video hours are completely separate to your site storage. They are specific to Wix Video. The amount of video time you have is based on if your site is a free site or if you have a Premium plan. 
Your storage space has to do with your internal storage capacity, i.e. how much you can store on your site. Your site files are located in your Media Manager. 

Using Wix Video for free

Upload and showcase your videos on your site with Wix Video. When using Wix Video for free, you can upload up to 30 minutes of video (10 minutes maximum per video) and stream up to 10 minutes of live video. 
Analytics & Reports:
You can find all the latest analytic reports on your video content in the Analytics & Reports tab in your dashboard. Learn more

Upgrade to Premium

Need more video time? Upgrade to a Wix Premium Plan and increase your video hours. The number of hours you get depends on the plan that you choose.
Wix Editor: Premium Plan
Video Hours
30 minutes
1 hour
5 hours
Business Basic
5 hours
Business Unlimited
10 hours
Business VIP
Editor X: Premium Plans
Video Hours
1 hour
2 hours
5 hours
5 hours
10 hours

Benefits of Premium

In addition to the extra video hours, all of the above Premium Plans also allow you to:
  • Upload videos longer than 10 minutes (no limit per video)
  • Livestream up to 3 hours at a time
  • Allow others to embed your video on their site
  • Add your logo to your video player
Using Wix Video for free or purchasing the Connect Domain Premium Plan includes 30 minutes of video hours, but does not include the additional Premium features listed above.

How to upgrade

Click to upgrade your site to Premium.
Upgrade Now
Takes 1 minute
  • Your video hours limit is assigned per site. If you would like to increase your limit on more than one site, you will need to upgrade each site separately. 
  • After submitting your purchase, your bank may require you to verify your identity. If you're experiencing any issues with the authentication process, contact your bank directly. Learn more
  • If you purchased a Wix Video Premium Plan in the past, you may have a different number of hours. You can change your plan at any time.

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