Wix Stores: Using the Multiorders App to Connect to Sales Channels

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The Multiorders app is a powerful tool that lets you sell in multiple marketplaces and manage them all in one place. To learn more about what you can do with Multiorders, click here.  
  • The Multiorders app does not support multiple warehouses or locations.
  • Some plugins/apps may cause technical problems. If you run into difficulties during the integration, try disabling plugins or contact Multiorders support to check if they are supported.
  • After integrating with Multiorders, product quantities must always be updated in the Multiorders dashboard. Changes made elsewhere will be overridden and lost. 
  • Products must always be created in Wix or other channels you have connected - not in Multiorders.
When you connect multiple sales channels, products with identical SKUs can be merged. This means:
  • The merged products will appear as a single product in your Multiorders dashboard.
  • The merged products will have their stocks in sync to prevent overselling.
  • The only thing kept in sync is stock. Everything else, (e.g. titles, prices, pictures) are unaffected.
  • The name of the merged product is taken from the main integration.
  • The product quantity in the Multiorders dashboard is taken from the main integration. 
  • The product display on both sites remains unchanged. For example, if you integrate a Wix product with a product on eBay, and the products have different names, prices, quantities, images, etc., after integration this remains unchanged. 
After connecting channels, you can manually merge and unmerge products in the Multiorders dashboard at any time. You can also unmerge channels. 

Step 1 | Prepare your products

To connect smoothly, we recommend doing the following before you begin:
  1. Enable inventory tracking for channels you plan to connect.
  2. Products with the same SKUs merge when you connect to a sales channel, so adjust the SKUs accordingly.
  3. Make all planned changes to product titles and images before you connect to Multiorders.
Each channel has it's own rules about tracking inventory. For example, Amazon does not let its users change their SKUs once assigned, which may change how you prepare your products. Check the inventory rules for the channels you want to connect.

Step 2 | Select the channels you want to integrate

To start, select your Wix store in the Multiorders dashboard. When you're done, it appears on the left in the Connected Integrations area. 

Step 3 | Merge channels

When you connect to one or more channels, one channel is considered the Main Integration and all other are the Child Integrations. You should select the channel with the largest number of products with SKUs as your main integration. 

You can have more that one set of connected channels. For instance, you can set up one main integration that connects to 2 child integrations to handle North American channels. You can then set up a different main integration connected to 5 different child integrations for European channels. 
Start by merging your Main Integration with the first Child Integration. Note that you can unmerge channels and products at any time. You can also manually merge products after you integrate two channels. 

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