Wix Stores: Using the Multiorders App

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Multiorders is a powerful app that helps you connect to other sales channels (e.g. Amazon, Etsy, etc.) and manage everything in one dashboard. Through Multiorders, you can also perform advanced functions when handling orders, inventory, shipping, and suppliers.
You can use Multiorders' advanced features even if you do not integrate with other sales channels. 
Multiorders comes with a 14-day / 100-order free trial (no credit card required), so you can try all the features before purchasing a Multiorders subscription. To learn more about pricing options, click here, select the relevant site (if you have more than one), and then click Upgrade next to Multiorders.
If you install the MultiOrders App and then choose not to use it, uninstall it to make sure it has no affect on how inventory is managed in your store.

Manage multiple sales channels in one dashboard

Whether you want to integrate your Wix store with a store created on another eCommerce platform or with a popular sales channel, such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy - you can manage them all in the Multiorders dashboard. After adding the Multiorders app, connect your first integration. Learn how

Take control of your inventory

Save time and manage your business efficiently using Multiorders' advanced inventory features: 
  • Coordinate inventory for multiple channels in one place.
  •  Whenever you make a sale, Multiorders updates your inventory across all other connected channels. When you make manual changes to your stock through Multiorders, they are immediately reflected in all your stores.
  • Set a reorder point for each product to make sure stock doesn't runs out.
  • Merge products to keep stock in sync across multiple sales channels.
  • Keep track of each product's location, barcode, brand, weight, and more.
  • Set the minimum or maximum product quantities you want to display in each store, even if it's different from the actual quantity.
  • Organize products using tags and categories. 
  • And more...

Manage product suppliers

If you work with suppliers, you can manage your purchase orders right in the Multiorders dashboard. To get started, after integrating with Multiorders, add your suppliers. Learn how 

Ship orders & print shipping labels

When an order is ready to go out to your customers, ship them using your favorite carrier and print the labels in Multiorders with just a few clicks. Learn how

Sell bundled products

With Multiorders, you can sell groups of items together and separately, without losing track of your inventory. For example, you can sell a hat and scarf as a set, but also sell each item separately. When a set is sold, the number of hats and the number of scarves in your inventory adjusts correctly. When the hat sells out, the bundled set is listed as "out of stock". Learn more
New products cannot be created in Multiorders. You must create any new simple or bundled products in Wix (or any other sales channel you connect). Only after this is done can Multiorders track an item's stock.

Get started

To get started, integrate your Wix store with the Multiorders app. Learn how