Wix Stores: Integrating with PrettyDamnQuick Logistics

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PrettyDamnQuick Logistics (PDQ) is a simple logistics platform that helps you manage order delivery. It integrates with your Wix store and connects to virtually unlimited delivery methods so that you can manage all your shipments from one place. 
PDQ works behind the scenes to help you get your packages to customers as quickly as possible. Your customers don't see PDQ options during checkout - just the shipping rules you set up in your Wix dashboard.
PrettyDamnQuick lets you deliver products on time, regardless of your customers’ choice of delivery method.
With PrettyDamnQuick you can:
  • Validate orders: Check orders to make sure details are accurate before sending then to carriers.
  • Connect multiple carriers: Work with an unlimited number of carriers and select the right carrier for each order.  
  • Fulfill orders: Print labels, shelf reports, and packing slips.
  • Track: Track the status of any shipment from any carrier - all in one screen.
After setup, your store orders automatically appear in the PDQ dashboard. You can optionally include past orders, as well.
  • For pricing information, visit the PDQ website.
  • PDQ is currently available only in Israel. Contact us at support@pdq.team to find out when we’re coming to your country.

To integrate PDQ with your Wix store:

  1. Click here to access the app
  2. Click Add to Site
  3. Click Allow and Install.
  4. Complete the Getting Started form.
  5. Activate your account from the email you receive.
  6. PDQ will send you a link to schedule a call once you sign up.
PrettyDamnQuick resources:
After you integrate with PDQ, make sure to set up shipping options that your customers see during checkout. For example, if you can set up 2 flat rate shipping rules, one for 10 shekels and one for 18 shekels, this is what customers see during checkout: 
These rules aren't linked to any specific delivery service in PDQ. 
When you are ready to fulfill the order, you can go to the PDQ dashboard. There, you see a list of all your store orders. You can then select which delivery service will deliver each order.

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