Wix Stores: Adding and Setting Up the "Sales Pop" Social Proof App

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Harness the power of social proof to encourage shoppers to make purchases. Using the Sales Pop app, you can display notifications (pops) about what other customers bought or added to their carts. 
Sales Pop offers both free and premium plans. 

Step 1 | Add the Sales Pop App

To get started, add the Sales Pop app to your site.
After adding the app, you are taken to the Sales Pop dashboard. 

Step 2 | Customize the App Settings

The Sales Pop app has many customization options. For example, you can control how soon the pops appear, how long they stay on the screen, what color they are, where on the screen they appear, and more. 
If you prefer not to display the same pop to a shopper more than once, disable the Cycle after Completion setting. And if you'd rather not display customers' first names, enable the Anonymous First Names setting. 
To learn more about app settings, watch the video below or click Show me how:
To return to the Sales Pop dashboard, go to the Manage Apps tab in your Wix dashboard and click Open next to the Sales Pop app. 

Step 3 | Enable the App

To start displaying pops on your site, click the Sales Pop Disabled toggle to enable it.  

After you enable the app, it may take up to two hours for the first pop to appear. 

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