Wix Stores: About Your eCommerce Settings

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From eCommerce settings you can customize the inner workings of your store. Create your store policies, customize the checkout fields, edit the email notifications you customers receive, and much more.
If you also use Wix Bookings on your site, some of these settings affect your bookings, as well. Learn more about eCommerce settings for Wix Bookings.


If you need to create an invoice for every order, you can do so automatically. In addition, you can control when your inventory quantities get updated – as soon as an order is placed or when you receive payment for that order.  

Minimum order subtotal

Add a minimum order subtotal to stop customers from making small purchases that aren't profitable (e.g. Minimum order subtotal before tax and shipping is $50). 

Checkout Policies

Display your business' policies on your checkout page so customers know what to expect.

Item price settings

By enabling the item price breakdown toggles, you can display tax or shipping polices next to product prices. 
The price range toggle is a great way to communicate to customers that a product's variants are sold at different prices. 

Customize your checkout

Need to collect more information from customers checking out? You can do so by enabling any of the optional fields or by creating your own custom field. You can also add a subscription checkbox so customers can get your store updates.
If your store uses gift cards, make sure to enable the gift card toggle so customers can use it as a payment method. 

Order email notifications

Preview the various emails that are sent to customers when they make a purchase, when an order is shipped, and so on. You can edit the email text to better suit your store's style.


View the automations you created, or click through to the Automations tab to create new ones.

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