Wix Retail POS: Device Security Guidelines

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  • This article is about Wix Retail POS tablet for brick & mortar businesses. 
  • For info on using POS on a mobile device, click here.
The POS devices you purchased from Wix, such as the tablet and card reader, allow you to connect your brick and mortar business to your online Wix Stores or Wix Bookings items.
To make the connection, the POS devices must be able to:
  1. Collect and store data from your Wix online business.
  2. Clear  (process) credit cards from customers directly in your shop so you can receive the payment through the Wix platform.
Since this involves processing and transmitting sensitive data (both PII and PCI), it is necessary to follow the correct security guidelines and procedures.

POS Terminology

Before you review the guidelines, make sure you understand the following terms.
  • Tablet: Tablet refers to the computing device with a screen that connects to all of the other devices (e.g. card reader, scanner, etc.). It is used to communicate with your Wix online business.
  • Terminal: Terminal refers to the card reader that is provided along with the tablet.

Security Guidelines

Make sure to follow all of the guidelines listed below.
  1. The POS devices should be used as “blackbox” devices. In other words, they should be utilized only for the purpose for which they were intended: Communication with your Wix online business and processing credit cards.
  2. Wix POS tablets should not be used to surf the internet, use direct messaging applications, transfer data, or for other such purposes.
  3. Do not install any applications on the device - especially from unknown sources - unless directed to do so by Wix. Do not install apps through the Google Play.
  4. Do not try to root (i.e. to break in to) the device.
  5. Do not enable developer mode on the device.
  6. Do not change any configuration on the device that may lower its security or change its accessibility settings.
  7. All Wix POS devices (tablet, terminal, printer, etc), should be physically protected at all times. Do not allow unauthorized persons access to the devices.
  8. Do not connect any external devices to the Wix POS devices via cable, USB, wireless connection, or any other method.
  9. Do not connect the Wix POS devices to any computer or server via USB or wireless connection.
  10. Do not allow any unauthorized person to remove or swap the terminals, and ensure that the terminal is secured at all times.
  11. After you finish using your Wix POS devices, store them securely in a way that is inaccessible to unauthorized persons.
  12. Do not connect the Wix POS devices to any unknown / public / unsecured networks / internet connections.
  13. Do not share your Internet connection with customers (i.e. Guest WIFI). Make sure your internet solution is utilized exclusively for POS use.
  14. Make sure the Internet and network that the Wix POS devices use has an host isolation in place, denying any communication between devices in it.

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