Wix Restaurants FAQ: How do I change the colors and fonts of my menu?

You can change the colors and fonts of your restaurant's menu in the Wix Restaurants Menu app and the Online Ordering app. For example, you can set heading text to be a different color and font so that it stands out.

To change the colors and fonts of your menu:

  1. Click the Menus / Order Online app in the Editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Design tab on the left.
  4. Edit the colors and fonts of your Menus, Section or Dish:
    • Color: Click the color picker next to the element you want to change and select a new color.
    • Font: Click the drop-down next to the text to select a new font.
You can't customize the font for dish options directly from the mini cart page. The color and font for dish options is pulled from your site's theme.
Looking to customize your menu?
There are many other customization options available. Learn how to customize and design your restaurant's menu.

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