Wix Restaurants: Accessing the Restaurants Tabs in Your Dashboard

You can access your Restaurant tabs in your dashboard. If two or all three Restaurants apps are installed on the site, this creates a stand alone Restaurants tab which houses them in one section of your dashboard. 
In the dashboard, click Restaurants to manage your restaurants tabs:
  • Menus: Create and manage your restaurant's menus. You can add menu sections, such as beverages, main courses, or dessert.
  • Orders: See current orders and manage their progress until they are delivered. Set up online ordering, including payment providers, delivery areas, and notifications.
  • Table Reservations: Let customers book a table online, and manage all your restaurant's table reservations from your site's dashboard. Add your restaurant's tables, party sizes and turnover time, and choose when customers can book a table and how long for. 
  • Phone Ordering: Take customers orders right over the phone with Wix Restaurants. Phone Ordering lets you manage your orders, offering faster checkouts to returning customers.
    Note: You must upgrade to a Business Premium Plan to enable phone ordering.
Click Marketing & SEO in your dashboard to access more Restaurants tabs:
  • Rest. Social: Connect your site's social media icons to your social media accounts. 
  • Restaurant Discounts: Create discount coupons for your restaurant.
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