Wix Podcast Player: Setting Up Your Player

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Wix has made it easy for you to connect your podcast to your Wix site. By following just a few steps you can set up your Wix Podcast Player and have everything in one place. 

Step 1 | Add the Wix Podcast Player

The Wix Podcast Player is a free app that you add directly to your site from the Wix App Market.  To get started, add the Wix Podcast Player to your site. 

Step 2 | Connect Your RSS Feed

Your podcast is not hosted on Wix, it is hosted on an external platform (e.g. SoundCloud, Lisbyn) and is connected via an RSS feed. Sign in to your host website and retrieve your RSS feed link, then paste it into your Podcast Player settings. 

Step 3 | Customize Your Podcast Layout

Once you have connected your RSS feed you're ready to focus on customizing the look and feel of the podcast pages on your site. Spend some time deciding how you want to layout your podcast and what you want your listeners to see. 
Click the pages tab in settings to go between your Podcast Overview page and your Episode Page. Notice that if you click into the layout and design tabs you will be given different customization options based on what page you have selected in the pages tab. You can also choose to switch between Episode Feed customization and Header customization. 

Step 4 | Customize the Design of Your Podcast

Next move on to customizing the design aspects of your podcast. Click between the episode feed and header tabs for more options.

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