Wix Multilingual: Customizing the Language Menu on Your Mobile-Friendly Site

When you create a multilingual site with Wix Multilingual, a mobile menu is automatically created using the pages you add in the desktop version. The language menu is located inside your mobile menu.
Site visitors who access your site on a mobile device can click the mobile menu and select their preferred language. Your language menu looks like this:
Screenshot of live mobile menu with language menu visible.
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Customizing the language menu on mobile

Personalize the language menu for mobile devices so that it looks exactly as you want. Resize the menu, choose to display flags and even customize the menu's alignment.

To customize the language menu:

  1. Click the Switch to Mobile icon  at the top of the Editor.
  2. Click the Mobile Menu Icon element.
Screenshot of Mobile Editor with the Mobile Menu Icon highlighted.
  1. Click Edit Menu.
  2. Click the Language Menu element.
  3. Customize your menu using the options available:
    • Font size: Click the Scale Up or Scale Down icons to increase or decrease the font size on the menu.
    • Layout: Click the Layout icon and customize it using the following options:
      • Menu type: Choose if your menu has a horizontal or drop-down format.
      • Show flags: Click the toggle to show or hide the language flags on the menu. Then customize the flags using the following options:
        • Choose a flag style: Choose your flag shape.
        • Size: Adjust your flag size.
      • How are languages displayed: Choose how your languages are displayed: Full name, Abbreviated or Flags only.
      • How are the menu items aligned? Choose how your menu is aligned: Left, Center or Right.
    • Animation: Click the Animation icon  and choose an animation to apply to your menu. Click Customize to adjust its behavior using the following options:
      • Power: Choose how powerful the effect is: Soft, Medium or Hard.
      • Direction: Select what direction the animation enters from.
      • Duration: Choose how long the animation plays for (in seconds).
      • Delay: Set the delay (in seconds) between the page loading and the animation playing.
      • Only animate first time: Click the toggle to choose when your animation plays:
        • Enabled: The animation only plays the first time the page loads.
        • Disabled: The animation plays every time the page is loaded from the same tab.
Screenshot of language menu in the mobile Editor with customization options highlighted.
You can move your multilingual menu between the mobile menu and header and footer.


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