Wix Multilingual: Creating a Site with RTL Text Per Language

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Create a seamless website experience for RTL language speakers (e.g., Hebrew, Arabic) by aligning your text to the right direction. With the help of Wix Multilingual, you can adjust both the direction and alignment of text to be right-to-left.
Wix Multilingual lets you translate text automatically, or you can enter your translations manually. When translating your site with Auto-translate, the bulk of the work is done for you, meaning text is automatically aligned to the right. When translating manually, you adjust the alignment and text direction yourself.

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Automatic Text Alignment and Direction

Once you auto-translate your site, your text is automatically aligned to the right and the direction is set to right-to-left. After auto-translating, you may want to align your text differently (e.g., justified, centered) to match the text's alignment in your main language. This can be done from the Text Settings panel.

Manual Text Alignment and Direction

You can always translate elements of your site manually, giving you full control over your content. When translating your site manually, you can adjust the direction and alignment of text to be RTL.

Text Direction in Elements

Set the text direction for elements that display text to be right-to-left for RTL languages. You can change the text direction in strips, slideshows, hover boxes and repeaters.
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With Wix Multilingual, you can create a multilingual site with right-to-left content. Currently, you can customize some aspects of your site like the menu, text, and images to be RTL per language (e.g., Hebrew, Arabic).

What additional RTL capabilities would you like to see in Wix Multilingual? Contact Customer Care with your feedback and suggestions

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