Wix Multilingual: About the Multilingual Dashboard

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In the Multilingual Dashboard, you can find all the tools you need to add and manage your site languages. From this dashboard, you can also translate your apps' content and adjust your site's multilingual settings. Read on to learn more.

Accessing the Multilingual dashboard

You can access your Multilingual dashboard from both your Editor and your site's dashboard.
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Managing your languages

From the Site Languages tab in the Multilingual dashboard, you can manage all of your languages. Easily add, hide and remove languages from your site. This means that you can add the languages you need and hide them until you are ready to display each language version of your site.

Customize the regional settings of your language and the flag that represents it. When choosing a language locale, the formatting of dates, numbers and other metrics are automatically localized to that specific locale.
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A screenshot of the Site Languages tab in the Multilingual dashboard.

Adjusting your multilingual site settings

The Settings section of the Multilingual dashboard hosts settings that allow you to change the URL structure of your site for SEO purposes. You can also choose to automatically show your site to visitors in their chosen browser language from here.
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A screenshot of the Settings section of the Multilingual dashboard.

Translating your apps content

Once your languages are added, you can begin translating your content. The relevant apps and their translatable content are listed in this section of the Multilingual dashboard. Easily switch between site languages and translate the content for that particular language version. 
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Screenshot of Multilingual dashboard with Translate your apps' content section highlighted.

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