Wix Media: Working with Collaborators in Your Media Manager

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Your Media Manager, and all the files inside it, are connected to your site. This means that any collaborator that you invite to your site, has access to all the files in your site's Media Manager.
In addition, you (as well as any other collaborator you've added) can access any files uploaded by one of your collaborators. You'll be able to see which collaborator uploaded the file in the file info.
To access the file info, click the Show More iconon the relevant file and click Show Info. The file info appears on the right.
You may have imported files from another site into your site's Media Manager. When this is the case, any collaborators that you add to your site are able to see the imported files as well.
Don't forget:
All site collaborators see all the media files in the Media Manager. Before adding a collaborator to the site, make sure that all the media files are files that you want your collaborators to have access to. If there are some files you do not want your collaborators to see, then delete them.

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