Wix Media: Wix Video Maker Quota

The Wix Video Maker is a Premium feature that lets you create promotional videos about your site to be shared on social media and in email campaigns. 
Wix offers this feature to free users but at a limited amount. Users that do not have an Ascend Plan can create up to 4 free video saves using the Wix Video Maker. 
Saves from edits count against the quota, and deleting videos does not reset the quota.
Once you've exceeded this number you will need to upgrade to an Ascend plan. Each Ascend plan offers a certain number of video saves per month:
  • Unlimited: With the Unlimited plan you get 15 professional video ads.
  • Professional: With the Professional plan you get 10 professional video ads. 
  • Basic: With the Basic plan you get 5 professional video ads.
Ascend offers more than just video, with Ascend you can do so much more. Click here to learn how Ascend can work for you.
Upgrading to Ascend:
Click here to learn how to upgrade to an Ascend plan.

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