Wix Logo: Ordering Business Cards with Your Logo

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This article refers to the previous Wix Logo Maker. If you are using the new Wix Logo Maker, which is not yet available to all users, please read the information here. Learn how to check which version of the Wix Logo Maker you are using.
Create a unique logo for your brand with the Wix Logo Maker. Once you've designed and purchased your logo, you can order fully customizable business cards and have them shipped straight to you.
Before you begin:
It is only possible to order business cards for logos you have purchased.

Step 1 | Select which logo to use

  1. Go to My Logos.
  2. Click the Business Cards & More tab on the left.
  3. Click Get Started
  4. Hover over the logo you want to print and click Select.
    Note: This step does not appear if you have only purchased one logo.
  5. Hover over the business card template you want to use and click Select.
    Tip: Make sure your location is up to date at the  top right.
6.  Fill in your business details and click Save & Continue.
Note: You can do this later by clicking Not Now.

Step 2 | Select your paper type and quantity

  1. Click the Paper Type drop-down menu and select which kind of paper and finish you want.
  2. Click the Quantity drop-down menu and select how many cards to include in each "pack". You will choose how many packs you want to order later.
  3. Click Customize to edit your business card design. 

Step 3 | Customize your business card

Click Switch to Back or Switch to Front to customize the other side of the card. 
  1.  On the business card editor:
    1. You can move any element by dragging it to the relevant location. To adjust an existing element, click it and select one of the options:
      • Bring Forward : Move an element to the front.
      • Send Backward : Move an element back.
        Note: These two features are only noticeable on overlapping elements. 
      • Duplicate : Duplicate an element.
      • Delete : Delete an element.
    2. To add an element, click one of the tabs on the left:
      • Add Text Box: Edit the text, font, opacity, color and font size.
      • Add Shape: Add a square or circle, adjust the color, opacity and border width.
      • Add a Logo: Add your logo in its original color scheme or in grayscale, monochrome, black or white.
      • Change Background: Change the color and opacity (we'll provide some color suggestions based on your logo's palette).
    3. To adjust an element's design, click it and select one of the options:
      • Text: 
        • Edit Text: Click and type your new text in the text box. 
        • Font: Click the drop-down menu to select a font.
        • Opacity & Color: Drag the slider to make the text more or less transparent. Click the color box to change the text's color.  
        • Font Size: Drag the slider to increase or decrease the text's size. 
      • Shape:
        • Shape Type: Click to select a different shape. 
        • Shape Opacity & Color: Drag the slider to make the shape more or less transparent. Click the color box to change the shape's color. 
        • Border Opacity & Color: Drag the slider to make the border more or less transparent. Click the color box to change the border's color. 
        • Border Width: Drag the slider to increase or decrease the border's width. 
      • Logo (Front): Click the logo to select a different version of your logo (e.g. Original, Monochrome, Grayscale, etc.). 
    4. Click Done at the top right.
It is not possible to upload a custom image to the business cards when creating them in Wix Logo Maker. However, if you have a website you can go to "Business Cards & More" in your Dashboard and create business cards there. In this case, the interface is different, and you can upload custom images and vector art to your cards. Learn more

Step 4 | Complete your order

  1. Click Add to Cart
    : This button may appear as Update Cart.
  2. If you need more cards, click Add More Cards. Otherwise, click Not now, thanks to proceed. 
  3. Review your cart information and click Continue.
  4. Enter your shipping details and click Save & Continue.
  5. Enter your payment details and click Submit Purchase.
After submitting your purchase, your bank may require you to verify your identity. If you're experiencing any issues with the authentication process, contact your bank directly. Learn More
You can re-order your printed merchandise at any time. If needed, you can customize your design before placing your order.
  1. Click the Business Cards & More tab in the Logo Maker. 
  2. Click Order History.
  3. Click View Items beside the relevant order.
  4. Click Order Again.

Step 5 | Track your order

  1. Go to My Logos
  2. Go to Business cards and more.
  3. Click Order History in the top right. 
  4. Click View Items
  5. Click Track Order
  • If you ordered business cards without Wix Logo you will be able to check the status of your order in the Business Cards & More tab of your site's Dashboard (Order History button in the top right corner).
  • Business cards are printed and shipped by Order a Print. Please contact them directly with any questions regarding your order. 
With the Wix Business Cards Maker you can also create and order custom business cards. Learn More

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