Wix Logo: Customizing Your Logo

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This article refers to the previous Wix Logo Maker. If you are using the new Wix Logo Maker, which is not yet available to all users, please read the information here. Learn how to check which version of the Wix Logo Maker you are using.
With the Wix Logo Maker you have full control over customization. You can access all your saved and purchased designs from the My Logos page and make further edits as needed. Switch up the color scheme, choose a different font, add icons and more.
Before you get started customizing your logo, we recommend that you take time to review our Logo Maker best practices. This can really help avoid any potential design issues in the long run.

To customize your logo:

  1. Go to My Logos.
  2. Hover over the logo you want to customize and click Edit.
  3. Click the options on the left to customize the following aspects of your logo:
4.  Click Next at the top right when you're ready to download your logo.
Want to preview your logo?
Click the navigation arrow to the right of your logo design to preview your logo in desktop and mobile views, or printed on bags and business cards.  
You can press Ctrl + A or Cmd + A (if you're using a Mac) to select and group all the elements on your card, and move them around the canvas as one.

Want to start over?
Click Try Another Design at the top left if you want to work with a different logo.

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