Wix Logo: Creating a Logo with the Wix Logo Maker

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This article refers to the previous Wix Logo Maker. If you are using the new Wix Logo Maker, which is not yet available to all users, please read the information here. Learn how to check which version of the Wix Logo Maker you are using.
Creating a logo and defining your brand identity has never been easier. The Wix Logo Maker has tons of designs to offer, based on your line of business and the look and feel you want to achieve. Tell us a bit about yourself, then choose a design you like and customize it to your needs. 
Before you get started customizing your logo, we recommend that you take time to review our Logo Maker best practices. This can really help avoid any potential design issues in the long run.
A screenshot showing various logo design options.

Step 1 | Tell us about your business and brand

Your logo is a visual signifier of your business, the industry you're in and your branding. The very first step of creating a logo is filling in your information – tell us about your business, but also about the way you'd want it to be perceived, as a brand. 
Once you do, we can provide dozens of options that could suit your needs.

To get started and fill in your info:

  1. Go to the Wix Logo Maker.
  2. (If you've created a logo before) Click + New Logo then click Create a Logo.
  3. Add your business name and tagline:
    1. Enter your business name (up to 50 characters).
    2. (Optional) Click Add a tagline and add a catchy line about your business.
    3. Click Let's Go.
  4. Choose your industry:
    1. Start typing the name of your industry.
    2. Select your industry from the drop-down.
    3. Click Next.
  5. Give us a feel for your brand:
    1. Choose the relevant keywords for your business.
    2. Select the adjectives that suit you or your brand.
    3. Click Next.
  6. Click the design sample you prefer. Alternatively, click I don't like either of them if both samples don't match your style or click Skip.
    Note: These samples are intended to help us get to know your style. They are not the actual designs that you'll be presented with at the end of the process.
  7. Help us understand your branding needs:
    1. Click the relevant places where you'd use your logo (you can select more than one). Click Other if you can't find the relevant option in the list. 
    2. Click Next
A screenshot of the business / industry drop-down menu.

Once you've provided some business details and made your selections, choose from a wide range of logo options. Remember – the design you're choosing at this stage is a template that you'll customize to your exact needs in the next step. 

To select your logo:

  1. Scroll through the available logo options and click one to begin working with it.
  2. (Optional) Click See Other Icons if you would like to choose a different icon from the available list. 
A screenshot of the generated logo options displayed, based on your prior selections.

After choosing a logo option, you're redirected to the Logo Maker. This is where you can edit the logo and make it your own. Change the colors, fonts and positioning, or adding more symbols and your own images. 

To customize your logo:

  1. Go to My Logos in the Wix Logo Maker.
  2. Hover over the logo you want to customize and click Edit.
  3. Click the tabs on the left to customize your logo:
    • Palette: Select a new color palette for your logo. Color palettes come in presets of 4 colors. You can change the individual colors in the other tabs.
    • Text: Customize the business name and tagline. (There is a 50-character limit for each).
    • Icon: Click the Add icon to add an icon to your logo.
    • Shape: Click Add Shape to add a shape to your logo.
    • Uploads: Click Upload Image to add your own image to your logo.
      Note: Currently, you can only upload .JPEG and .PNG images with a maximum size of 500 MB.
    • Background: Your logo comes with a white background by default. Use the color picker to change the color.
      Learn more about the customization options available in the Logo Maker
  4. (Optional) Click the navigation arrows at the top to preview your logo in desktop and mobile views, or printed on bags and business cards.
  5. Click Next at the top right when you're ready to purchase and download your logo.
A screenshot of the customization options available in the Logo Maker Editor.

Finally, choose a logo plan and complete the purchase of your logo. Learn more about our available Logo plans

To purchase your logo:

  1. Choose the logo plan type you want:
    • Just Logo: Click I Just Need a Logo.
    • Logo + Website:
      1. Choose from 3 website templates: Online Bookings, Basic Website or Landing Page.
      2. Click Get My Logo + This Website.
  2. Click Select on the plan you want.
  3. Enter your payment details and click Submit Purchase.
A screenshot of the Logo + Website website template options.


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Now that you've purchased your logo, it's time to download it. Learn more about downloading your logo