Wix Events: Tips for Managing Your Business During COVID-19

Businesses that host events are some of the most affected by the current situation. This article will walk you through how to handle events that can't take place as planned and will offer some ideas of what you can do instead. Let's dive in!

Ways to Handle Your Event:

The choice of whether to hold your events as planned may be out of your control. You can, however, control how you want to handle the change. Let's see what the options are:

Go Virtual

Some events, such as conferences, can be moved online. Consider whether your event can go ahead - but in a virtual format. Plan your online event on one of the many available virtual meeting platforms, then display the event on your site with Wix Events, so guests can register.  
  • Plan an online Zoom event Learn How
  • Plan an online event that is hosted on another platform Learn How 
  • Host a live streaming event Learn How

Postpone Your Event

One possibility is to hold your event as planned, but at a later date, when you can do so safely. Postpone an event by changing` the date and time settings on your event page to TBD (To be determined). Enter a short note about the timing.
As soon as you postpone an event, make sure to let guests know about the change. If guests bought tickets to the event, be flexible with refunds so you can ensure they'll return in future. 

Cancel Your Event (and offer refunds, if relevant)

Rather than postponing an event, you may prefer to cancel it altogether and create a new event when that becomes possible. 
If you cancel an event using Wix Events, an email will automatically be sent to your guests. You can edit this email with your own personal message. Just go to your Wix dashboard and make sure  cancelation emails are enabled
If you sold tickets to your event, avoid chargebacks by handling refunds as quickly as possible. Make sure clients are updated so they know a refund is coming their way. Refunds must be processed through the payment provider used for the transaction and need to be processed for each client individually. Learn How
When you refund a buyer's ticket for which a Wix service fee was collected, the service fee is fully refunded (to you or your buyer) by the payment processor. Learn More

Keeping Guests Updated

One of the most important things you can do is to communicate effectively. Whether events are taking place, getting canceled, or whether they are going ahead in a different format, make sure those who registered for events know what's going on.
Check out these communication options:
  • Post changes on your site: Keep your clients in the loop. Update your website pages with any event changes due to corona. Add an FAQ section to your site to address client concerns.
  • Display your refund policy: Reduce the risk of chargebacks by adding a refund policy to your "About Event" section. This will make event-goers feel more secure about how you're handling the situation.  
  • Chat: Live chat with clients using Wix Chat or on the Wix Owner app.
  • Send an email marketing campaign: Use email marketing to let clients know about changes to your business.
  • Blog: Write a blog article detailing what your business is doing to keep guests safe.
  • Forum: Create a forum and actively respond to questions and concerns from your community.
  • Social Media posts: Update your followers on social media with any relevant information.
  • Wix Owner app: Use the Wix Owner app to broadcast a message to all of your guests or create a discussion in the discussion feed.
Add a badge to your site:
Let your customers know that it's still business as usual, or communicate restrictions by adding a badge to your site. Learn more.

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