Wix Events: Creating a Recurring Event

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Save time by creating recurring events instead of recreating the same event again and again from scratch. When you're ready to display the events on your site, you can show each occurrence as an individual event or as one event with multiple dates. 
Even if you display each occurrence as an individual event, it has the "Multiple Dates" label to let your guests know there are other date options.

Step 1 | Create an event draft

Start by adding information to create a template event. Make sure to add all the information you want to appear in every occurrence of this event. 
For example, to display the same "About the event" description each time the event takes place, add it to the template event. Alternatively, if you want to add a unique description to each occurrence of the event, you can leave this field blank.
As long as the recurring event is in draft mode, you can edit the template event. However, once you publish, individual occurrences of the event are created and you can no longer do so.

To create a draft of a recurring event:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + Add Event
  3. Select a type of event (this can't be changed after you click Create Draft):
    • Ticketed Event: Sell event tickets (can include free tickets).
    • RSVP Event: Guests register for the event.
  4. Add your event details:
5.  When ready, click Create Draft at the top right.

Step 2 | Create tickets (ticketed events only)

If your event is a ticketed event, you can now go ahead and create one or more ticket types. Select your event in the dashboard, then go to the Tickets tab to get started. 

Step 3 | Customize your settings

Make sure to go to the Settings tab of your event in the dashboard. You can customize the registration form, add an event policy, and much more:
If you have a ticketed event, you can also customize:
Think about which settings you'll want for all occurrences of your events and set those up before you publish, so you won't need to do it separately for each occurrence of your event. 

Step 4 | Add optional features

Add optional features to enhance your events. As with the settings, think about which settings you'll want for all occurrences of your events and set those up before you publish. The available features are:
  • Video conferencing: Turn your event into an online event using Wix Live or Zoom.
    Tip: When you add video conferencing to a template event, each occurrence has its own link.
  • Seating map (ticketed events only): Let guests select tickets for specific seats by creating a seating map.
  • Automations: Use Wix Automations to create automated actions triggered by specific actions.
  • Groups: Wix Groups lets you create a place for members to post updates, share images, and more. Learn how to connect an event to a group
    When you create a group for the template event, all occurrences are connected to the same group. To create individual groups, create them for each occurrence.
Event schedules can only be added to individual occurrences of your event.

Step 5 | Publish the event to your site

When your template event is ready and you're sure you do not want to make additional changes, you can publish your event and create multiple occurrences.
After you publish, you can no longer change the template event, only the individual occurrences.

To publish and display your event:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Drafts tab.
  3. Select the relevant event.
  4. (Optional) Click Preview to see how your event looks on your site before you publish.
  5. Click Publish
  6. Click Publish to confirm.
  1. Open the Editor. 
  2. Make sure the event is displayed on the relevant site page. 

Step 6 | (Optional) Add & customize event dates

After you publish the recurring event, you can add new event dates.
Then, you can customize any of the details for each individual occurrence.

To add and customize individual occurrences:

  1. Go to Published Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select Recurring from the Event Type drop-down.
  1. Click Manage Events next to the relevant recurring event.
  1. (Optional) Add a new occurrence of the recurring event:
    1. Click Add More Dates.
    2. Edit the start and end dates and times.
    3. Click Add & Publish.
  2. Edit an occurrence of the recurring event.
    1. Select the specific occurrence you want to edit.
    2. Make changes to any of the customizable event details (name, date, location, schedule, etc.).
      Note: Changes made to this occurrence of the event do not affect any other occurrences of the event. 
    3. Click Save.

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