Wix Chat: Adding a Chat Button to Your Site

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A chat button is an additional way for a site visitor to open your chatbox. Add chat buttons to the areas of your site where you feel visitors may wish to contact your business for support or guidance (for example, a My Orders page or FAQ page). When you add chat buttons, your chatbox will still be visible at the bottom of your site.
If you don't already have the Wix Chat app installed, adding a chat button will also add the app to your site.

To add a Wix Chat button to your site:

  1. Click Add  on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Button.
  3. Click Wix Chat Button.
  4. Choose a button option and drag the button onto your site.
  1. Click the button and click Settings.
  2. Customize your chat button's settings:
    • Change the button text: Edit the text in the Button Text field.
    • Change the button icon: 
      1. Click the Replace icon.
      2. Choose an image from your site files or click + Upload Media to add a new image.
        Note: Only vector art can be chosen.
      3. Click Choose File.
What's next?
Click the Design icon  to customize the design of your button.

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