Wix Blog: Customizing Login Settings in Your Blog

1 min read
To comment, follow blog categories and more, site visitors need to sign up and become site members.  
You can customize any of the following login settings:
  • Decide who can become a member: Let anyone who signs in automatically become a site member or let people become members only after you approve them. Learn more about controlling who can be a member
  • Display Sign up / Log in first: Decide what visitors see first when they click to log in; a log in form or a sign up form. 
  • Allow social login: Allow visitors to log in with Facebook or Google.
  • Set the "Join the community" checkbox as checked by default: New members automatically become part of your community.
  • Display links to terms of use: Display links to a privacy policy and/or a code of conduct.
To learn how to make changes to your login settings, click here.

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