Wix Blog: Adding an "About" Profile Description

After logging in to your live site, you can personalize your profile by adding images, editing the default name, and filling in your "About" section.
The "About" page is part of the Wix Member's Area. Learn More

To edit your profile and "About" page:

  1. On your live site, click the Login Bar.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click Edit to update your profile name and image.
  4. Do any of the following:
    • Name: Enter a profile name.
    • Image: Click the avatar or image, browse to select a profile image, and click Open.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Do any of the following to edit the "About" section:
    • Enter text introducing yourself.
    • Click either of the media icons  to add images, GIFs, or Videos.
  7. Click Publish.
 You can share your About page on social media by click the Show More icon .

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