Wix Blocks: Creating and Managing Design Presets

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Wix Blocks is currently open to a limited number of users.
Create multiple designs for the same widget. When you create design presets for a widget, its functionality and data remain the same, while the way it looks can change a lot. You can also use presets to create different designs for different devices (for example: desktop, tablet and mobile). Learn more about design presets in Blocks.
To create design presets in Blocks:
  1. Open your app in the Wix Blocks Editor. Your app opens with the Design tab selected and the Widgets and Design widgets and design icon panel open.
  2. Click + Add Design Preset.
  3. Click the ֿMore Actions icon more actions  to rename, duplicate or delete a preset. Note that if you only have one preset, you cannot delete it. 

Make Changes Per Preset Versus Global Changes

Some changes you make in one preset impact only the current one, while others impact all of them. As a rule of thumb, design changes are per-preset, while structure or data changes are global. Here's a guide to help you track what happens when. 
Deleting first preset
When you add new presets, their design is based on the first one. If you delete the first preset, new presets are based on the second one (which is now the first). 
You can switch between your design presets in Preview mode by using the dropdown in the top menu.

Switch Between a Widget's Design Presets on a Site

Blocks allows you to install your various design presets on a site. When you install an app in one of the Wix editors, its presets appear in the Add to Site panel when you click on any app in My Apps. If you installed one preset and want to change it, you can switch to another preset through the design design button in the widget's action bar. 
design tab with presets

Change Presets According to Breakpoint

You can create a different preset for each breakpoint. 

Editor X users can select from three tabs  - desktop, tablet or mobile breakpoints .  When you are in that tab, change your preset through the design design button editor x button in the widget's action bar. The presets of the other tabs will not change. 
Editor users can also create different presets for different breakpoints, selecting from two tabs - desktop or mobile. When you are in your chosen tab, change your preset through the design design button in the widget's action bar. The presets of the other tab will not change.
design presets breakpoints editor