Wix Blocks: Connecting Your Widget's Text Styles to Site Typography Themes

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Wix Blocks is open to all Wix Studio users. To get access to Blocks, join Wix Studio.
When you design a widget, you want it to look great on any site where it's installed. That's why connecting your widget's texts to a theme is so important. Styled texts, such as Heading 1 or Paragraph 2, are connected to a theme that defines their properties.

Connect a text element to site typography themes:

  1. Select a text element on your widget. 
  2. Click Edit Text in the element's action bar. 
  3. Select a preferred style (such as Heading 1, Paragraph 2). This connects your widget's text to a specific style in any Wix site's theme. 

Override specific typography properties

You can choose to override each one of the typography properties (such as font family, size, bold, etc.). This override is represented by an asterisk next to the style name. Your text will stay connected to the site theme, except for the overridden property. Your text will disconnect from the theme only if you override all properties.
font with override asterisk
Currently, all text elements in Blocks appear with a size override, so you'll see the asterisk even if you didn't change anything. Click Reset Changes to undo this override.
reset changes

Test whether your text is connected to a theme

Click Test Theme in Preview mode to see how your widget looks across various sites with different themes. This helps you check that all your elements are connected correctly and your widget looks great with different themes. 
Test Theme in Preview Mode
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