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Wix Blocks is open to all Wix Studio users. To get access to Blocks, join Wix Studio.
Blocks allows site creators to customize your widget when they install it. A large part of this customization takes place through the widget's action bars. The site creator adapts the widget to their site through using the action buttons. Learn more about action bars.

Panels are a key part of the customization process. When your widget is installed on a site, the site creator clicks on the widget, or its elements, and an action bar appears. When you click on an action button, for example, the Design design button button, a panel appears. You use the options available in this panel to customize your widget.
Panels are available for site creators in the Wix Editors, not on the live site.

Default Panels

Blocks uses default panels which give site creators a range of customization options. The default panels are generated automatically by the Blocks product.

Available default panels:

Custom Panels

API reference for panel elements
See all available panel elements and their API reference. Note that this is temporary preview  of the Velo API reference isn't open to all Wix users yet. 
The user interface of the default panels cannot be changed. By using custom panels, you can change the user interface and create panels that are unique to your widget, which direct the flow and how it's used.

You can create unique designs for your panel by using sliders, section dividers, toggles and multiple choice elements. Adding these elements makes your widget easier to customize and more functional. 

After designing your panel, you need to write code to make it work.

Custom Panel Design Examples

Pay Button Settings Panel

If you have a shopping widget, with a pay button, for example, you can create a custom panel which allows the site creator to choose which information is displayed. The site creator can customize the widget so that on different sites it can display different information. On one site it might be important to display the price in another currency, or to show the terms and conditions. 

This Pay Button Settings panel includes rich text (text with links), text input fields, dividers and a toggle, which enables the site create to decide whether or not to show the Terms & Conditions.

This is how it looks when the toggle is on:
pay button custom panel

Login Bar Settings Panel

If your widget is a login button, you can design a panel which gives the site creator the option to decide whether to display a greeting or not, or if they want to display a profile pic or name. By using a custom panel the site creator can change this on different sites. They can use the same widget on one site which displays a profile pic, and on another site the same widget displays a name only.

This panel for the Login Bar Settings button has a radio button, text inputs, a divider and a toggle, which determines whether or not to show a greeting before the user's name.
login bar custom panel

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