Wix Blocks: About Configuration

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Wix Blocks is open to all Wix Studio users. To get access to Blocks, join Wix Studio.
Blocks allows site creators to customize your widget when they install it in the editors. The site creator can change the look and feel of your widget and remove or change elements, so that it integrates with their site.

You can decide how much freedom to give site creators by configuring these different options in Blocks. With the Blocks Configuration tab you can determine how your widget and its elements look and behave when they're installed on a site.
Configurations in the editors
These configurations refer to how the widget behaves in the editors and not on the live site.

Display Names

Your widget can have many different elements, such as buttons, text boxes and shapes. When you insert these elements in your widget, Blocks gives them default names. In the Configuration tab you can give these elements display names so the site creators can easily understand what they do.

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Widget Behavior

The Wix Editors offer site creators a lot of freedom when they customize your widget. You can decide to limit some of these options by using the Configuration tab. You can define whether or not elements can be selected or removed, duplicated or resized.

There may be elements in your widget that are essential to its function, an Add to Cart button for example. You can configure your widget so that a site creator cannot remove this element from your widget.

Or, you might want to limit some options for design purposes, because you want the design to stay as it is. You can define any element as non-selectable or non-removable. 
widget element behavior in configuration tab

You also might want to prevent your widget from being duplicated (for example, if it's connected to dynamic pages and duplication might trigger conflicts or break code) or from being resized (for design reasons).   

widget behavior in the configuration tab
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Action Bars

Each element of your widget has an action bar which the site creator uses to customize it. You can modify the action bars in the Configuration tab. You can add, remove or reorder buttons. You can determine which panel opens when a button is clicked, and more. The modification options vary, depending on whether you select a widget, or one of its elements, and which element you select.

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Action button panels
When you add an action button you can add a custom panel to it in the Panels tab. 
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