Wix Blocks: About Coding in Blocks

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Wix Blocks is open to all Wix Studio users. To get access to Blocks, join Wix Studio.
Blocks lets you add Velo code to your widgets and apps. You can add code to an individual widget, as well as code for the entire app. 

Visit Blocks Developers Docs

If you are a developer working with Blocks, make sure to visit these sites:

In this overview article, learn more about: 

Widget Code

Add code to your widget to provide the following:
  • Custom functionality and interactions. Adding Velo code to your widget is just like adding code to a site page in the Wix Editors. Use this to implement your widget's internal business logic. Note that Blocks has a Properties and Events panel for your widget's elements. 
  • Widget API. Your widget API enables you to add properties, functions and events to the entire widget. These are exposed when your widget is installed on a site (in the Wix Editors) or when it's added inside another widget. Use your widget API with the $widget namespace.
widget code

Panel Code

Blocks custom panels have their own code tab to create their logic. 
Design a custom panel, connect it to a desired action button and add code to determine what happens in the panel. 

Note that Blocks custom panels have designated API references: 
panel code

Dashboard Code

Add Dashboard pages to your app, to enable site creators to configure your app. Dashboard pages also have have a designated code tab, as well as designated APIs. 

dashboard code

Collection code

Blocks allows you to create dataset collections and access them in your app and site. Use the `wix-data` module to work with your collections. 

Code Files and Folders

App namespace
To use code files, make sure your app has a  namespace 
Add frontend or backend code files for your entire app. These are also referred to as "code packages".
To add code to your app: 
  1. Click Public & Backend icon under the App Structure menu.
  2. Select the type of file you would like to add. 
public and backend

Installed App Instance Code

When your app is installed on a site, you can get information about that specific instance. One useful example of that is to learn about the pricing plan of this user. 
To do this, use the wix-application module.

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