Wix Art Store: Editing Your Wix Art Store Gallery Settings

Wix Art Store is currently not available to all users. As of October 2022 it is no longer possible to add the Wix Art Store to your site. Alternatively, you can add Wix Stores to your site and connect it to Printful to sell your art.
With Wix Art Store, you can display your images in a stunning gallery on your site. Customize your gallery settings to set how it behaves.

To edit your gallery settings:

  1. Click the Wix Art Store gallery in the Editor.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Click the Watermark toggle enable or disable the watermark:
    Note: A watermark is a semi-transparent design, added to images to protect against copyright.
    • Enabled: Click Customize Watermark and customize your watermark using the options below, the click Done to save:
      • Change Watermark: Click Change Watermark and select the watermark image from your media manager, or click Upload Images to upload a new image, and then click Apply.
      • Watermark Opacity: Drag the slider to change the opacity of the watermark (the lower the opacity, the less visible the watermark). 
      • Watermark Size: Drag the slider to change the size of the watermark image.
      • Watermark Position: Select the position of the watermark on the original image.
    • Disabled: Click Remove Watermark to confirm. Note that disabling this feature means that customers can download your images without the watermark protection.
  5. Click the Download Preview toggle to enable or disable preview downloads:
    • Enabled: Customers can download low resolution, watermarked (if enabled) previews of your images. 
    • Disabled: Customers cannot download previews of your images.
  6. Click the Social Sharing toggle to enable or disable this option:
    • Enabled: Customers can share your images on social media.
    • Disabled: Customers cannot share your images on social media.
  7. Click the Heart Icon toggle to enable or disable this option:
    • Enabled: Customers can click the Heart icon to show that they like an image.
      • Show with counter: The counter displays the number of times the Heart icon was clicked.
      • Show without counter: The counter is not displayed. 
    • Disabled: The Heart icon does not appear on the image.

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