Velo: Adding and Deleting an External Database Collection

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Velo lets you connect your site to an external collection and then work with that collection in your site just as you would with our built-in collections. 
Before adding an external database to your Wix site you need to set up an external database  collection adaptor on a Paas or FaaS platform, such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure. See this tutorial to guide you through the process of setting a pre-built adaptor for MySQL and Postgres.

To add an external collection:

  1. In the Velo sidebar click the plus sign next to Database and select Add External Collections.
  1. In the Add External Database Collections screen:
    1. Give your namespace for the collections a name
    2. Enter your SPI's endpoint URL
    3. Add any necessary connection data to the Configuration (ex: user name, password, secret key)
Your external collections are now listed under the namespace you gave it and you can work with them as you would your other collections.

To delete an external collection:

You delete an external collection in the same way that you would a built-in data collection, in the Velo sidebar.

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