Tutorial: Moving, Resizing, Hiding and Unhiding Elements (Old Editor)

This information applies to the old Wix Editor. For information about the new Wix Editor, please click here.
You must first create your desktop site and then arrange your mobile site. In the mobile Editor, you cannot add any new elements, you can simply move, resize, and hide elements.

Moving an Element

 You can rearrange your elements within a mobile site page by clicking and dragging an element to another location on the page.
 To see the X and Y coordinates of an  element, turn on the ruler guides from the top menu. The X and Y  coordinates will appear on the top right of each element when you move  your element. 

Moving an Element Forward or Backward 

 You can move an element forward and backward so that it appears on top of other elements or behind other elements on your mobile site.
 To move an element forward or backward:
 1. Click the element to select it.
 2. From the pop-up that appears, click the Bring forward or Send backward icons.

Resizing an Element

 You can resize any element on your mobile site except for the menu button.
 To resize an element:
 1. Click the element to select it. 
 2. Click and hold a resizing handle and drag it into place.

3. Repeat with the other resize handles.

You can see the width and  height of an element by turning on the ruler guides from the top menu.  When resizing your element, the width and height of the element will  appear on the top right of the element.

Hiding an Element

To hide an element:

1. Click the element to select it.
2. Click the hide icon.

You can also hide your items by pressing Delete or Backspace on your keyboard. You can find your hidden items by first clicking Add Mobile Elements from the left side of the Mobile Editor, and then click Hidden Items.

Adding an Element Back to Your Mobile Site

If you have hidden an element on your mobile site but would like to add it back again, you can do so from the Hidden Items section of your Mobile Editor.

To add an element back to your mobile site:

1. From the left side of the Mobile Editor, click the Add icon.
2. Click Hidden Items.
3. From Hidden Items, next to your hidden item, click the eye icon.

Your element may not reappear in the same location that it was hidden from.

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