Troubleshooting Your Ads.txt File for Google AdSense

2 min read
After adding the Google AdSense app, Wix automatically generates an Ads.txt file for your site. 
Click here to learn more about Ads.txt.
To access your Ads.txt file, simply enter your site's URL and "/ads.txt". For example: The Ads.txt file only appears if you set up Google AdSense correctly. 
You may still see a warning in your Google Adsense console for ads.txt. This does not imply that it is not working and should be disregarded. 
  • According to Google Ad Manager Help: “Use of ads.txt/app-ads.txt is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.” This means that ads will be displayed on your site and bring revenue even without ads.txt file.
  • According to Google AdSense Help,  after ads.txt is created:  "It may take a few days for your changes to be reflected in AdSense. If your site doesn't make many ad requests it may take up to a month."

If you transferred your domain to Wix, you may need to troubleshoot your ads.txt file. 
If you can't see the file, follow the steps below.

Step 1 | Check Your Custom Code

In the process of adding and setting up Google AdSense, you pasted a verification code in the Settings tab in your site's dashboard. 
Click here to check the instructions and ensure that you've added the verification code properly. 
Once you add the code, it should not be removed at any point from here. 

Step 2 | Check the Verification Code

There are multiple codes that Google AdSense may generate for various purposes. If you added a different code that is not meant to be used for verification, you won't see the Ads.txt file in your domain.
Go to the Settings tab and verify that you've added the verification code and not a different one. If unsure, check the example below. 
There are two types of Google AdSense verification codes, long and short. 

Step 3 | Try Manually Generating Ads.txt

If you've added the code correctly and the domain was verified on Google side, but the Ads.txt still weren't generated, you can do it manually.

To manually generate Ads.txt:

  1. Go to the Marketing & SEO tab in your site's dashboard. 
  2. Click Marketing Integrations
  3. Scroll down to Ads.txt
  4. Click Connect
  5. Click Add Ads.txt File at the top right. 
  6. Go to your AdSense account and copy the file. 
  7. Go back to your dashboard and paste the file in the box provided.
  8. Click Save