Third Party App: QuickBooks Bridge by Parex Technologies

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Sync your data with your QuickBooks Online account automatically. The QuickBooks Bridge app acts as an automated bookkeeper for your accounting needs.
Features and benefits of the app include: 
  • Complete Order Data Sync: When an order is synced to QuickBooks Online, all order information such as Customer, Line Items, Taxes, Shipping, etc will be synced.
  • Automated Daily Process: You can choose whether you want your data to be synced to QuickBooks Online automatically or prefer to do it manually at your convenience.
  • Payouts Sync: Sync your Payouts and Fees as well without worrying about manual entries.
  • Easy Integration:  All it takes is a few clicks and you are ready to sync your data.
Check out the QuickBooks Bridge app by Parex Technologies to get started.
For questions and comments contact Parex Technologies directly: 

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