Third-Party App: POWR Pop Up & Forms by POWR

1 min read
With the POWR Pop Up & Forms app by POWR, you can create a pop-up window on your site to get email signups, make announcements, and boost sales. Set custom triggers to decide when your pop-up appears and control how often it appears to the same visitor.
To use this app on your site, you need to have a Premium Plan and a connected domain.

Features and benefits include:

  • Get started with templates to collect emails, make announcements, or increase sales
  • Collect email addresses and send customers automated welcome emails after they sign up
  • Connect with Mailchimp to sync new signups automatically
  • Reduce cart abandonment by offering customers a discount or a special offer pop-up when they show exit intent
Check out the POWR Pop Up & Forms app by POWR to get started. 
For questions and comments, contact POWR directly: