Third-Party App: Google Sheets Connector by KPIBees

1 min read
With the Google Sheets Connector app by KPIBees, you can connect all your site data to Google Sheets with just a few clicks and automate your business reporting.
This app is only available in English. 

Features and benefits include:

  • Export the fields that you need from Wix Contacts (CRM), Site Members, Wix Payments, Wix Bookings, Wix Stores to spreadsheets
  • Schedule automatic data refreshing (hourly/weekly/monthly) so that your spreadsheet export is always up-to-date
  • Combine your site data with data from 19 other data sources
  • Export your reports in CSV or Excel formats
Check out the Google Sheets Connector app by KPIBees to get started. 
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