Third-Party App: Coupon X Discount Code Pop Ups by Poptin LTD

1 min read
With the Coupon X Discount Code Pop Ups app by Poptin LTD, you can create discount code pop ups with no coding required. Speed up your sales conversions, improve cart value, and reduce cart abandonment by showing your customers coupons and pop-ups.

Features and benefits include:

  • Reduce cart abandonment by offering exclusive coupon codes, discounts, and promo codes to keep visitors from leaving your site
  • Improve cart value and get more sales as you offer time-limited coupon pop-ups that give a sense of urgency to speed up sales conversions
  • No coding required to create and track your promo code pop-ups
  • Create beautiful coupon code pop-ups and optimize them with the right trigger and targeting options to attract the right audience
Check out the Coupon X Discount Code Pop Ups app by Poptin LTD to get started. 
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