Spaces by Wix: Getting an Overview of Your Business

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The Spaces by Wix dashboard allows you to get a quick overview of every important aspect of your business. Using the Overview tab, you can see information like your live site visitors, recent analytics, tasks to complete and much more. 

Live Site Visitors

If you've added Wix Chat to your site, you can see your live visitors at the top of the Overview tab and initiate chats with them. Tap the banner to get more details like the time each visitor started browsing your site and which page they're on right now. Then, tap a visitor's name to start chatting. Learn More


Analyze your site's traffic on web and mobile on the go. These analytics show you how many people have visited your site and mobile space in the selected time period. You can also get a glimpse of your store and booking activity if you've added these apps to your site. Learn More

Tasks & Reminders

See what tasks you need to complete and create new ones. You can assign a task to yourself or any other contributor, set a due date and link it to a contact. If you set a date for the task, you get a reminder to complete it when it's due. Learn More


View, add and manage your site's contacts using the app. You can get their contact details, invite them to become members of your space, see their most recent activity on your site and much more. Learn More

Additional Sections

Depending on the apps you've added to your site, you might see more sections in the Overview tab. For example, you will see a Store Orders section if you're using Wix Stores, or an Agenda if your clients book your sessions through Wix Bookings. 

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